From the President:

Aloha!  Spring has sprung!   It’s now time to start making those summer plans.  We don’t want you to miss any of those special summer dances starting with our Hawaiian dance next week, April 24, and followed by our “Spring Fling” on May 22.  Please note that this is the fourth Wednesday of the month.  And…. mark your calendars for another special joint Summer Dinner Dance at the Elks Club with the Merry Mixers on July 14.

We’re also sending our Newsletter via Email for the first time this month and would appreciate any feedback.  We’d also like to know if you have checked out our website, and what you think about it?  We hope you’re letting your friends know about it.  Vicki Collins, our Website Manager, is doing a great job keeping it current.  Is your picture in there?   See Vicki’s article later in this newsletter.

See you on Wednesday night dressed in your hula skirts and flowered shirts!

Mahalo,  Bill Dowling

* * * * * * * * *

We’re going green:  Many of you will receive your newsletter and dance flyer via Email this month.  This will help us save paper, printing expense, and postage.  If you received a regular mailing, please give us your Email address.  You can call Dorothy Cahill at 925-934-2493 or, you can let us know when you check in at our desk on dance night.

Summer Dinner-Dance:  We’ll be dancing to the Nob Hill Sounds once again at the Elks Club and dinner will be served following the dance.  As the date, JULY 14, 2013 draws nearer, we will be sending out more information.

Gentlemen Hosts:   We are always looking for additional gentlemen hosts.  I’m sure you’re all aware that there are more women attending our dances as there are men.  We’d like to even things up a little by having designated gentlemen wear “Host “ badges and introduce themselves to the ladies and thus make them seem more welcome at our dances.  If you sign up, we ask that you dance with ALL the ladies and we will provide your badge and your admission will be paid for.  Think it over,  it’s  a nice easy way to get acquainted!

Website 101… by Vicki Collins….. Have you looked at our website lately?  Is the next dance on the last or fourth Wednesday?  Do  you want to know the dress theme for upcoming dances?   Would you like to see photos from past dances?  What about breaking news of our Summer Dinner Dance?  Where do you get a membership form for your friend?  Do you want to know if you can wear that shirt you received as a gift to the next dance?  Do you need to get directions?  Is the dance at 7:00 or 7:30?  What are the benefits  of becoming a member?  Do you want to send an Email to the Club?   Hey,  answers to all of the above are at: www.DiabloSinglesDanceClub.wordpress.com

To view the Diablo Singles website type www.DiabloSinglesDanceClub.wordpress.com into your Browser’s address bar, NOT the SEARCH bar.  URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator and is a reference (an address) to a resource on the internet.  The URL is not case sensitive so you may use upper or lower case or any combination that is easiest for you.

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