Bills to pay, taxes to file, schedules to keep. Life happens and we all deserve a break from time to time.  Join us this coming Wednesday and dance, dance, dance.  Wear GREEN!

It’s renewal time:

Why become a member?  You love what we do and want to contribute to keeping the magic going. There are a bunch of practical reasons too. Your Annual Membership helps the club pay for the band, room rental, refreshments,  decorations, supplies and  insurance.  As a  member you get to vote, run for office, receive a quarterly newsletter and flyer, AND save money.  Members currently pay $2 less for admission to our dances and parties AND you dance for free in the month of your birthday. Add discounted admission to our special event dinner dances and you save even more.  Such a bargain!!!

Why not ask your friends to join too?  Now is the best time to join to take advantage of 11 months of reduced admission and free admission during their birthday month. 

Remember, whether you are single or married, you can become a member!

Print the 2014 Membership Form here, or fill out a copy at the dance.  Be sure to bring $20 for membership dues!

Guest Passes 

All Guest Passes are valid for three (3) months after date of receipt.

Wanted:  A Few Good Men

We are always looking for additional gentlemen hosts.  I’m sure you’re all aware that there are more women attending our dances as there are men.  We’d like to even things up a little by having designated gentlemen wear “Host“ badges.  As a host, you will introduce yourself to the ladies so they feel welcome at our dances.  If you sign up, we ask that you dance with ALL the unaccompanied ladies and we will provide your badge and your admission will be paid for.  Think it over,  it’s  a nice easy way to get acquainted!

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Vicki Collins, President